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Custom Designed Inconel Coil Lift Beam

Custom Designed Inconel Coil Lift Beam

Custom Designed Inconel Coil Lift Beam
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Custom Designed Inconel Coil Lift Beam

Custom Manufacture of an Inconel Coil Lift Beam for the Steel Industry

A steel manufacturer needed a lifting device to transport coils of wire and then submerge the coils and lifting device in a series of sodium and acid baths. The existing crane had a limited headroom, as well as a limited range of motion. The limitation of the crane movement would not allow conventional style lifters, such as a C Hook. The high temperature of the sodium bath and corrosiveness of the acid baths eliminated many of the ferrous materials commonly used in lifting equipment. In addition, the weight of any part of the lifting device that needed to be manipulated by hand was required to be less than 50 lbs.

Hunter Lift determined that a custom manufactured suspended beam would be the best solution to allow for maximum range of motion and lifting capacity. The profile of the custom beam was developed using 3D modeling software and finite element analysis was used to keep the component weight less than 50 lbs. The high temperature of the sodium bath dramatically reduced the yield strength of commonly used nonferrous, corrosion resistant materials, rendering them ineffective and inappropriate for this project. Hunter Lift determined that an Inconel alloy would be able to withstand the high temperature and effectively resist the corrosive effects of the acid allowing the lifting device to endure repeated exposure to the harsh conditions. The entire assembly is capable of lifting 7,000 lbs. The new coil lift allows our clients in Pennsylvania to perform the processes required in an efficient and safe manner.



The upper beam with the hanger plates attached is lowered over coils of wire. When the hanger plates are in position, the custom manufactured Inconel beam is inserted into one hanger, passed through the center of the coils and then seated in the hanger plate on the opposite side. Once the custom beam is properly seated in both hanger plates, the coils can be lifted into the sodium and acid baths. While the coils are being processed, the lifter remains submerged in the baths.

Once the coils are processed, they are set on the ground and the Inconel beam is removed. The lifter is ready to repeat the process.


Inconel Coil Lift Beam

The customer needed a lifting device to transport coils of wire and submerge them into a series of baths, containing sulfuric, and nitric acids

  • Lifting Capacity: 7,000 lbs
  • Materials Used: Inconel
  • Estimated Part Weight: 500 lbs
  • Industry for Use: Steel
  • Delivery Time: 12 Weeks
  • Delivery Location: Pennsylvania
  • Had to withstand the High Temperature and Corrosiveness of the Acid Bath
  • Components of Lift to be Handled by Hand Must be Under 50lbs
  • The Limitation of Movement Would not allow Conventional Style Lifters
  • We Determined a Suspended Beam to be the Best Solution
  • Developed using 3D CAD Modeling & Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Manufacturing: ANSI/AWS D14.1-welding
  • Design: ASME/ANSI B30.20, ASME/ANSI BTH-1