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Custom Designed Motorized Drum Lifter

Custom Designed Motorized Drum Lifter

Custom Designed Motorized Drum Lifter
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Custom Designed Motorized Drum Lifter

Design and Manufacturing of a Motorized Drum Lifter for the Steel Industry

A steel manufacturer had a need to lift, transport and dump 30-gallon drums with a single device. The drum, weighing 800 lbs, had to be rotated (or dumped) in a deliberate and controlled manner so that the materials could be accurately weighed.

Hunter Lift analyzed the requirements of the project. The engineering team custom designed and manufactured the appropriate system using a 3-ton electric cylinder to provide the gripping force on the drum. Both ends of the cylinder are connected to an arm with a rotating shoe. Each shoe has rubber pads to increase the friction coefficient relative to the metal drum and provide secure work holding of the drum. We designed the custom lifting device to be powered with a 1/2 hp motor and right angle reducer driving one gripping shoe. The opposing shoe is free spinning. The custom drum lifter is lowered onto the drum and the shoes are closed around the top third of the drum. We incorporated a current limiter to ensure that the gripping mechanism could not be over tightened. Up to 800 lbs loads can be rotated or dumped using this drum lifter. There are controls to rotate the drum clockwise and dump the contents in one direction. The device is currently in use in PA.

Powered Drum Lifter/Drum Rotator

Custom Motorized Drum Lift to transport and precisely empty finite quantities of material from 30-gallon drums

  • Custom Design: designed under the supervision of a licensed professional engineer, utilized a 3-ton electric cylinder to provide gripping force heat treatment
  • Heat Treatment: quench & tempering
  • Testing: ultrasonic testing, load-bearing plates
  • Painting: paint safety yellow using two coat process
  • Documentation: three copies of operation/maintenance manual provided
  • Weight Capacity: 800 lbs
  • Estimated Part Weight: 200 lbs
  • Industry for Use: Steel
  • Delivery Time: 8 - 10 weeks
  • Delivery Location: Pennsylvania
  • Manufacturing: ANSI/AWS D14.1-Welding
  • Design: ASME/ANSI B30.20, ASME/ANSI BTH-1