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ArcelorMittal Aims to Boost Domestic Steel Supply

ArcelorMittal Aims to Boost Domestic Steel Supply

ArcelorMittal Aims to Boost Domestic Steel Supply
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ArcelorMittal is promoting domestic steel, applauding the United States Department of Commerce (DOC) investigations into China’s handling of corrosion-resistant carbon steel and cold-rolled carbon steel. ArcelorMittal has also joined in the recent tribute to U.S. Navy aircraft carriers and announced plans to open a new steel production plant in Detroit.

Joining the Circumvention Case Against China

As a leader in the U.S. steel sector, ArcelorMittal’s activities carry a lot of weight. Thus it meant a lot when the company filed an anticircumvention petition, along with the petitions of three other American steel providers, that charged China with circumventing AD/CVD orders on corrosion-resistant carbon steel and cold-rolled carbon steel.

ArcelorMittal took a stand under the belief that Chinese steel producers tried to bypass these orders by transshipping steel products through Vietnam to complete finishing stages. This damages the U.S. steel industry. As a major American steel producer, ArcelorMittal used its prominent position to protect our national steel industry.

Celebrating U.S. National Aircraft

When November rolled around, ArcelorMittal proudly participated in U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Month, which honored the contributions, value, and achievements of the men and women who serve on the huge seaward vessels.

ArcelorMittal provides top-quality plate materials to fleets that the government continues to expand. These steel plates are used by shipbuilders to construct aircraft carriers and other U.S. Navy vessels, including cruisers and submarines. With three plate mills and comprehensive gauge and grade abilities, ArcelorMittal can provide an impressive volume of parts for use on the important ships and other vessels.

Plans to Expand to Detroit

Another way that ArcelorMittal is elevating the domestic steel supply is by opening a new Detroit-based manufacturing plant which will produce strong, laser-welded steel blanks for the auto industry.

The plant will not only provide necessary parts to major automakers but also has the potential to elevate Detroit’s economy. It will create over 120 jobs in about five years. The 317,000-square-foot building will be near I-94.

By producing vital steel parts for U.S. vessels, intending to open a new steel production plant, and encouraging the following of U.S. AD/CVD orders, ArcelorMittal is taking steps to help inspire a stronger U.S. steel sector.

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