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CapabilitiesDesign Engineering and Manufacturing of Lifting DevicesCustom Mobile Crane
Repair, Rebuild, Recertification,
and Reverse Engineering of Lifting Equipment
Past Turnkey ProjectsDesign and Manufacturing of a Backup Roll Lifter for the Steel IndustryDesign and Manufacturing of an Inconel Coil Lift Beam for the Steel IndustryDesign and Manufacturing of a Motorized Drum Lifter for the Steel IndustryField Inspection of Lifting Devices for the Steel IndustryDesign and Manufacturing of Motorized Ring Tong for the Ring Forging IndustryDesign and Manufacturing of a hydraulic Sheet Lifter for the Metal Processing IndustryRepair of Straddle Carrier for the Heavy Steel IndustryRepair, Modification, and Certification of Double Grip Coil Tong for the Silicon Steel Industry
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Field Inspection Services of Lifting Devices for the Steel Industry

Field Inspection of Lifting Devices
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Field Inspection of Lifting Devices

We were contacted by a steel manufacturer and asked to provide inspection services for 500 lifting devices in use at their facilities in Pennsylvania and Ohio. The customer required detailed inspections and documentation per ASME B30-20, Below the Hook Lifting Devices Safety Standard, and BTH-1, Design of below the Hook Lifting Devices. Unfortunately, the inspections were prompted by a number of failures within the facilities.

Due to the large number of lifting devices, Hunter Lift created a custom database to track each individual lifting device. The lifting devices was classified as "Severe", "Heavy" or "Normal" duty cycles based on the operating conditions of the lifter. If a lifter was not rated, it had to be reverse engineered and assigned a load rating, design category and service classification. Each lifter had to undergo non-destructive testing on welds and various components, along with operational and visual tests. These field inspections are completed by an engineer from Hunter Lift and a third party level II or level III NDT technician. The overall initial inspections and evaluations of 550 devices took approximately 9 months to complete. Hunter Lift provided the customer with recommendations for each lifter based on the inspection findings. The field inspection services included a final report that was generated from the data and sent to the customer for review.

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Project Highlights for Field Inspection Services of Lifting Devices

Product NameInspection Services of Lifting Devices
Product DescriptionProvided inspection services for over 500 lifting devices on site
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesCustom Database Creation
  • We Created a custom Database to Track Each Lifting Device
  • Performed Under the Supervision of a Licensed Professional Engineer
  • Visual and Operational Inspection
  • Evaluation of Drawings
  • Creation of Inspection Interval for Future Inspections
  • Engineering Evaluation of Capacity
Testing of Stressed Welds & High Stress Plates
  • Ultrasonic Testing Performed Onsite
  • MAG Particle Testing Performed Onsite
Full Written Report
  • Submitted to Client Upon Completion
Industry for UseSteel
Turn Around Time8 weeks
Delivery LocationsPennsylvania
Ohio, Alabama, Indiana
Standards MetASME B30-20
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