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Design and Manufacturing of a Hydraulic Sheet Lifter for the Metal Processing Industry

Hydraulic Sheet Lifter for Metal Processing Industry
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Hydraulic Sheet Lifter for Metal Processing Industry

A metal processing facility in Alabama needed to replace their existing sheet lifters. They requested a multiple sheet lifting device capable of accommodating lengths from 360" to 720", and widths from 42" to 102". The replacement lift had to be capable of lifting a stack weight of 45,000 lbs. The customer requested that the controls be integrated into their existing wireless crane pendant for ease of use.

Because of the extreme variations in length, the Hunter Lift engineering team determined that the lifter should have different attachments to properly support the varying sheet metal lengths. The five (5) sets of lifting beams, ranging in length from 192" to 600", were designed to be changed out quickly. This flexibility will maintain operator safety while allowing the line to process different sheet sizes in a timely and efficient manner. Due to the load added by the lifting attachments, a hydraulic cylinder was used to operate the legs (electric motors would not be effective at this weight). A rack and pinion system was implemented to keep the four (4) separate cylinders in sync. We designed and fabricated a rack to store the lifting beams while not in use.

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Project Highlights for Hydraulic Sheet Lifter

Product NameHydraulic Lifter for Sheet Metal Processing
Product DescriptionOur Client required new sheet lifters to move a wide range of sheet lengths quickly. In addition, the lifters could not mimic the current market designs which did not have a failsafe adjustment for lifting both short and long sheets.
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesDesign
  • Designed Under the Supervision of a Licensed Professional Engineer
  • Designed w/ Several Different Length Lifting Attachments (5 Sets of Lifting Beams Supplied)
  • Storage Rack Supplied to Store the Beams
  • Designed w/ rack and Pinion Driven Hydraulic Cylinders to Drive the Legs In and Out
Heat Treatment
  • Quench & Tempering
  • MAG Particle, ultrasonic, and operational testing Painting
  • Paint Safety Yellow Using Tow Coat Process
  • Three Copies of Operation/Maintenance Manual Provided
Lifter DimensionsMaximum Opening: 103"
Maximum Stack Width: 102"
Minimum Stack Width: 42"
Maximum Stack Height: 20"
Sheet Length: 360" to 720"
Weight Capacity45,000lbs
Estimated Part Weight13,000lbs
Industry for UseMetal Processing
Delivery Time13 to 15 Weeks
Delivery LocationAlabama
Standards MetManufacturing:
ANSI/AWS D14.1-Welding
ASME B30.20
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