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Custom Design of a Motorized Ring Tong for the Ring Forging Industry

Motorized Ring Tong for Ring Forging Industry
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Motorized Ring Tong for Ring Forging Industry

A New York based forging company required a lifting device to lift hot, forged rings from a furnace run out table and stack them on a cooling table. The lifter had to grip and transport the rings in a way that the integrity of the shape was maintained distortion free and the load was sufficiently supported. The ring diameter varies in size from 1.7 meters to 12.0 meters. The thicknesses range from 0.2 meters to 0.8 meters. The customer required that the user to be able to operate the lifting device with a wireless pendant to maintain a safe working distance.

Hunter Lift's engineers calculated that three independent lifting tongs were sufficient to support the ring and maintain its integrity. Each tong has a gravity assist grip and open/close positions provided by a 5 ton electric cylinder. Each tong is mounted on an arm which swings open and closed simultaneously in relation to the ring diameter.

The arms are attached to a motor driven acme screw which was sized to take the load generated from lifting the ring (up to 30,000 lbs). Indicators for proper alignment and grip are provided to ensure a ring is lifted when the tong points are in contact with the sides of the ring.

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Project Highlights for Custom Manufactured Motorized Ring Tong

Product NameCustom Motorized Lifter for Forged Rings
Product DescriptionRequired to lift forged rings straight from the furnace and stack them for cooling without distortion
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesCustom Design
  • Designed Under the Supervision of a Licensed Professional Engineer
  • Designed w/ 3 Independent Lifting Tongs to Support the Ring Properly
  • Operation Was Possible Through a Wireless Pendant so a Safe Distance Would be Maintained
  • Paint Safety Yellow Using Tow Coat Process
  • Three Copies of Operation/Maintenance Manual Provided
Ingot Part DimensionsMaximum Diameter: Ø279"
Minimum Diameter: Ø67"
Wall Thickness: 7.9" to 31.50"
Material UsedTong Levers: High Yield Strength Steel ASTM A514
Studs: AISI 4140 Chromoly-Heat Treated to 262/293 BHN
Bushings: AISI 8620 Alloy Steel
Tong Points: AISI H13 Heat Treated to 415/461 BHN
Weight Capacity30,000 lb
Industry for UseMetal Processing
Delivery Time16 Weeks
Delivery LocationNew York
Standards MetManufacturing:
ANSI/AWS D14.1-Welding
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