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The Importance of U.S. Steel in National Security

Trump and Steel

With the Trump administration’s pro-defense stance, the U.S. will need of a robust and steady supply of steel to support an increase in defense manufacturing. A major war could cut off our supply of steel from overseas and thereby impact our ability to ramp up the requisite production of armaments. The military’s heavier utilization of domestic sources of steel is arguably the answer to many national security concerns.

National Security Issue

Unsurprisingly, domestic steelmakers argue that the best way to ensure a viable industry is by clamping down on countries that engage in unfair trade practices. In response to these concerns, the administration recently mandated an industry-wide investigation that could lead to the penalization of those behind unfair steel imports.

Section 232 Steel Investigation

The investigation being conducted by the Department of Commerce, (“Section 232”), may soon lead to the further curbing of steel imports with the imposition of tariffs beyond the existing anti-dumping penalties and quotas limiting steel imports. The concern is price increases for our many industries that depend on steel. However, it is believed that progress is being made in finding a sweet spot in which our national security concerns are addressed while consumers’ price concerns are also taken into account.

How We Fit into the Equation

As a custom material handling manufacturer, many of our customers work in the US steel industry. We provide heavy-duty equipment built for large scale projects such as infrastructure development and defense manufacturing. Therefore, the state of steel is something that we pay close attention to.

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The Importance of Quality and ISO Certifications in Manufacturing

One thing that sets us apart is our commitment to quality and safety standards in manufacturing. But what does it really mean when a company says they’re committed to quality?

The International Organization for Standardization has been around since 1946 to coordinate international industrial standards. The organization as it’s recognized today, ISO, officially began operations in 1947.

ISO develops requirements and guidelines to ensure that products and processes meet a certain standard. Companies can request tests and inspections to certify that they adhere to a particular standard, though certification is actually provided by an outside assessor – not through ISO directly.

But what’s the whole purpose of following these standards and procedures? And why should buyers care if a company has been certified to adhere to ISO requirements?

It all comes down reliability. In order for a company to pass an audit, they need to be performing the same process the same way, every time. This leaves little to no room for error.

For custom equipment manufacturers, there needs to be a basic foundation in engineering concepts to ensure that things are done correctly, even if they’ve never technically been done before. The whole purpose of getting certified is that you want your customer to have the same results with every order. Customer satisfaction is a main driver for certification.

At Hunter Lift, we are currently certified for ISO 9001:2008, soon to be certified ISO 9001:2015. This particular standard focuses on quality management systems and can be applied to any type of organization. As a manufacturer of custom material handling equipment, it’s vital that our customers can trust our products, which are often used in heavy duty applications.

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