A Custom Below the Hook Lifter Designed by Hunter Lift is Doing its Job and Taking on Some ‘Heavy Stuff’ at a Fusion Power Generation Project

We wanted to tell you a little bit about our involvement in a New Mexico fusion power generation project. First, let’s define “fusion”: The simple definition of “fusion” is “a combination or mixture of things.” The dictionary also provides a more scientific definition: “the union of atomic nuclei to form heavier nuclei resulting in the release of enormous quantities of energy when certain light elements unite.”

“Fusion power offers the prospect of an almost inexhaustible source of energy for future generations,” according to the World Nuclear Association. “But it also presents so far insurmountable scientific and engineering challenges.”  At Hunter Lift, we welcome all types of “engineering challenges,” so we were honored to have been selected to design and build a custom lift for this fusion project, which could greatly impact the future.

Here’s a summary of what we did: Hunter Lift designed and built a custom below-the-hook lifter that is used to insert a gamma ray detector to detect fusion. Usually, we design lifters capable of lifting up to 300,000 lbs. or so. But this time we designed a below the hook lift capable of handling light loads – from 500 to 1000 lbs.! This specific lift is being used as part of an ignition experiment.

According to government sources, the main goal of ignition experiments is “to create self-sustaining ‘burn’ of fusion fuel (the hydrogen isotopes deuterium and tritium) that produces as much or more energy than the energy required to initiate the fusion reaction – an event called ignition.” Hunter Lift designed and built a CSA rigging fixture that lowers a sensor assembly into a unit where fusion occurs to measure and detect gamma rays emitted during the experiments. (Now, that’s what we mean by “heavy stuff”!)

This is just one example of the many types of lifts we’ve designed for our customers. To learn more about other lifts Hunter Lift has designed and built, visit our website, or give us a call at 800-231-6501.