Get the Lift Your Business Needs: A Hunter Lift Hydraulic Lift Can Take Your Business to New Heights!

According to an economic survey earlier this year that was cited in a article, U.S. businesses are looking for ways to achieve growth in 2016. The article reports, “U.S. private companies reported that they expect to grow their revenue by an average of 8.7% over the next 12 months, with over one-third of private companies expecting double-digit growth. The question is how to achieve these levels of growth in an uncertain economy.” At Hunter Lift, Ltd., we advise industrial companies to take a closer look at their material handling operations and, more specifically, the lifting devices and mobile crane attachments they’re using for material handling. We can also recommend, design and manufacture material handling equipment, including custom-engineered hydraulic lifts to take your business to new heights!

We’ve seen many industrial operations gain a competitive advantage by modifying and upgrading their material handling equipment and operations. As a designer and manufacturer of “below the hook” lifting devices and mobile crane attachments, we have extensive experience creating custom material handling equipment — and we have many success stories in our portfolio to prove it. One of these success stories: Hydraulic lifters we custom designed and manufactured for a metal processing facility in Alabama. The hydraulic lifters are used for sheet metal processing and can handle a weight capacity of up to 45,000 lbs.

Here’s a summary of this specific collaboration for success: Our client came to us requesting that we design and manufacture sheet lifters that could quickly move a wide range of sheet lengths. Another request was that they needed to easily adjust between the different lengths of the metal sheets being handled. They needed hydraulic lifters that were unlike any other available in the market at that time. So, we created a custom design: A hydraulic lifter that has a failsafe adjustment for handling and lifting extreme variations in length, both short and long sheets ranging from 360” to 720” in length.

Designed under the supervision of a licensed professional engineer, this specific hydraulic lifter includes several different length lifting attachments – five sets of lifting beams, ranging in length from 192” to 600”, that are designed to be changed out quickly. We also designed and fabricated a special rack to store the lifting beams while not in use. This specific hydraulic lifter was designed with rack-and-pinion driven hydraulic cylinders to drive the legs in and out.

hydraulic-sheet-lifterThe entire design and delivery process for this hydraulic lifter was less than four months, and our client couldn’t be any happier with the end results – and we feel the same way about this project. It was quite a collaboration and accomplishment!   

Learn more details about this hydraulic sheet lifter for the metal processing industry, and also check out our complete portfolio of “success stories” and products on our website. If you have any questions, give us a call at 800-231-6501.