Buying Pre-Owned Lifting Equipment? Or Whenever You Need to Reverse-Engineer Your Lifting Equipment, Turn to Hunter Lift

In the day-to-day operations of your business, sometimes the lifting equipment you’re using needs a maintenance check-up. Or maybe the lifting equipment needs to be examined more closely for a variety of reasons. For instance, when you’re buying pre-owned lifting equipment, you may be unsure of its capacity levels, and if equipment labels are missing, and you might be unsure about what the lifting equipment was originally designed to lift. Or maybe you’re looking to purchase new lifting tongs, but can’t decide if it’s suited to your needs? You need answers before you can proceed with buying the lifting equipment.

Or maybe your company has been using a piece of lifting equipment for all types of lifting jobs – heavy items, soft items, marginal items, etc. – for years (or decades), and nobody can recall what uses the lifting equipment was originally intended for. Then, all of a sudden (and, inconveniently, in the middle of a big job), the equipment starts dropping items, left and right, and then it shuts down completely. No one can figure out why. But, at Hunter Lift we can.

Hunter Lift offers reverse engineering of all types lifting equipment, plus the lifting equipment’s parts and components. Our reverse engineering services can save your business time and money by answering your questions and getting the lifting equipment back in service for you as quickly and efficiently as possible. We can determine original capacities and the original intended use of lifting equipment, and our reverse engineering service also can often help you achieve higher capacities and more productivity from the lifting equipment. Through modifications and redesign, Hunter Lift’s reverse engineering services have been proven to increase operational efficiency for many of our customers.

Our reverse-engineering service can tell you everything you need to know about your lifting equipment. The reverse-engineering process includes a variety of testing and inspection procedures, and includes the following:

  • Ultrasound inspections
  • Magnetic Particle test inspections
  • Determining specifications, including hardness, material composition, and heat treatment of materials, etc.
  • Lifting equipment integrity
  • Determination of lifting capacity, Design Category, and Service Classification
  • Tagging and certification of the  lifting equipment

Hunter Lift performs all of our reverse-engineering services in-house. Our facilities meet ASME B30.20 safety standards, ASME BTH-1 design standards, and we are ISO 9001:2008 certified, offering the highest quality standards in all services we perform. Learn more about Hunter Lift by visiting our website, and be sure to contact us before your next lifting equipment purchase or repair! Call us at 800-231-6501 at any time.


Hunter Lift Invites You On A Virtual Tour

We pride ourselves on building  strong connections to all of our customers. Because of the nature of our business, our customers are spread far and wide, and most of our communication happens over the phone.  In an ideal world we would always meet in person and host our customers with a tour of our facilities, but we know this isn’t always possible. So, if the customers can’t come to us, then we will go to them!

Our new Virtual Tour lets our customers inside the home of Hunter Lift. Having pictures to associate with the people we work with builds another sense of community and allows you to see how we build your equipment. The Google technology used is the same that has mapped out streets all over the world– So instead of just seeing us from the outside, you can see us on the inside too! (Follow the white shadowed arrows and X’s that pop up to ‘walk’ through the offices and into the job shop.)

We have the capabilities to design,build, and test our devices from this well-equipped facility in the beautiful foothills of Eastern Ohio. Notice the tooling and overhead cranes  we use in the building process? We are proud  of our capabilities and want our customers to see for themselves where the outstanding products we deliver come from.

A view of our state-of-the-art facility is available 24/7 and should help you feel like you are a part of the process.

As specialists in the highest quality engineered and fabricated below the hook lifting devices and material handling solutions, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best products. We hope you enjoyed the look inside our offices and manufacturing shop and welcome the chance to greet you in person one day. Contact us with any questions or to set up a personal tour!