The Beginning of the Year is the Ideal Time to Re-Analyze Your Safety Procedures

‘Safety first’ goes the mantra so the first month of a new year is the right time to look over, and re-evaluate procedures, ensure that all equipment inspections are up to date, and offer safety training. Many companies involved in material handling operations utilize lifting equipment and devices but may overlook the importance of maintenance and certifications. It is extremely important that this equipment is inspected to ensure the safety of workers and facilities and that all workers are aware of safety procedures to reduce injury.

For workers, reviewing safety procedures starts the year off in the
right direction. Many workplace injuries occur because of improper lifting. Reviewing proper lifting practices and ergonomic training will help protect against back related and other injuries.

For equipment, performing annual, semi-annual, or quarterly inspections will ensure that lifting devices are safe and functioning properly. Poorly maintained devices are also extremely hazardous for workers and create unsafe working conditions. For employees to be safe the equipment and the guidelines for safe use must be strictly adhered to.

The following lists ways that employers can reduce risks of workplace injury when material handling devices are used:

  • Ensure routine maintenance and preventative maintenance measures are completed to ensure properly working equipment
  • Issue guidelines for load limits and train employees on proper material handling procedures
  • Train employees on correctly securing loads and understanding safe loading and unloading procedures

To help employers in maintaining equipment, Hunter Lift performs inspection services for lifting devices. This service enables us to examine equipment within its working environment and verify that all certifications are in order. Field inspections follow all certification standards, such as ASME, and include a final report detailing inspection findings and recommendations.

The importance of safety cannot be understated. Following best practices for safety include both workers and equipment and must be a standard for safe working conditions.

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