Hunter Lift Hydraulic Tongs Help Grasp and Handle ‘Below the Hook’ Needs

The Material Handling Institute (MHI) forecasts U.S. material handling consumption to be nearly $165 billion in the coming 12-18 months. That’s a big number – and a lot of material – to grasp! In material handling, in general, and especially in metal processing and handling, Hunter Lift hydraulic tongs can help grasp and handle “below the hook” lifting needs.

As a manufacturer of custom material handling equipment, Hunter Lift Ltd. focuses on efficient material handling. Everything we do, and everything we design, reflects this intense focus on efficiency – it’s at the heart of all of our efforts and our lifting systems! Hydraulic tongs make up just one piece of the below-the-hook lifting systems we design and engineer. We manufacture lifting devices for all industries, but the hydraulic tongs are especially helpful for metal processing and handling heavy sheets of metal.

We fabricate the hydraulic tongs in-house at Hunter Lift, and we do the same for all the components for the lifting equipment we engineer and manufacture (except for forgings and castings). The lifting devices we manufacture have capacities ranging from 100 lbs. up to 500 tons, and we work with each of our customers to determine their individual lifting needs and to create lifting equipment that meets their needs.

hydraulic-sheet-lifter-bigGet a grasp on your material handling needs by discovering what Hunter Lift can offer your business! Visit our website for more information or to contact us directly.