The Fundamental Advantages of Using Steel

When you’ve spent years designing and engineering the strongest, most durable and powerful lifting devices, you learn a thing or two about metals and materials. You get to know what works well—and what works even better—and you can identify the reasons why certain materials more reliable than others.

Without a doubt, one of the world’s most reliable and advantageous materials is steel. Its use dates back almost 4,000 years, there are 1,000s of types of steel, and its applications are almost infinite. From construction to automotive, steel is incredibly versatile and low cost, providing the strength necessary to create and support the most challenging of applications.

While the benefits of using steel are as numerous as its applications, let’s take a look at a few. There’s weight reduction, for instance; the latest generation of automotive steels are being used to greatly reduce the weight of automotive parts and entire vehicles. Of course this leads to greater efficiency and lower costs.

Then there’s steel’s longevity. Using steel results in parts with greater durability, which means they last longer. This saves money, time, and a lot of worry.

By then there’s steel’s incredible recyclability, and this is what may come as a surprise to a lot of people. Steel is actually the most recycled material in the world, and it is singlehandedly expected to help bring us toward a more sustainable future.

Consider these statistics*:

• Almost 69% of all steel used in North America each year is recycled; that’s more than 80 million tons
• Recycling steel saves the equivalent energy to power 18 million households each year
• Steel products can be repeatedly recycled without ever losing their strength
• In the last 10 years, the North American steel industry has achieved a 90% reduction in the discharge of air and water emissions

And this is just the beginning; steel’s sustainability and environmental benefits are numerous but are only getting better. Technology continues to create newer, even more beneficial steels, and it’s safe to say that as a result, entire industries are improving accordingly.

According to the Worldsteel Association, “Steel is inextricably linked with economic growth and prosperity… A healthy and profitable steel industry generates added value through investments in advanced technologies, capital expenditure and the creation of new knowledge.” Additionally, “Steel contributes to society through the creation and distribution of economic value in the form of community investments, taxes and royalties paid, shareholders dividends and employee wages and benefits. Steel also contributes to the creation of employment.”

So when you’re choosing to use steel to make a car, a lifting device, or as any solution to your needs, you’re using a material that is good for the planet and good for the economy—in addition, of course, to being good for your business.

Backup Roll Lifters: Making Mills Infinitely Safer

At Hunter Lift, we strive to create great lifting solutions for our customers what we do, and we’re proud of all that we create. We enjoy knowing our products are of the highest quality and that they make people’s lives safer and jobs easier.

Our backup roll lifters, for instance,are an incredibly popular product right now, as well as a hot topic in the industry—for good reason. In fact, backup roll lifters are a major topic of discussion at the AIST conventions and at various industry gatherings because they change the way mills operate. Traditionally, most mills use cables and pins to worker lower a roll into a concrete roll pit. In this pit, there’s a significant amount of grease, which poses serious slip and fall risks. Additionally, cables can fray over time, making them weaker and therefore adding another safety hazard. It’s a dangerous, dirty job.

However, backup roll lifters completely replace the use of cables and take the worker out of the pit. Getting them back into the realm of safety. The backup roll lifter is designed to lift single backup roll assemblies utilizing a completely hands-free lifting system. The lift can be fitted with various types of bails, such as a plate bail, forged clevis, or clevis with spool arrangement. They can also be designed to lift the pedestal and roll assemblies moving the assemblies with ease.

Our game-changing backup roll lifters mean no cables are necessary, no personnel need to enter the roll pit, and no one is put in danger. We design it to maximize ease of use and safety and minimize worries, and we enjoy knowing it makes jobs safer and better.
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