What is Reverse Engineering—And How Can It Help You?

When you need an important piece of lifting equipment, time is of the essence. The success of your business depends on this equipment, and downtime is not an option.

In this case, what is your best option? How can you get that exact part quickly, without missing a beat? Often, the best course of action is reverse engineering. But what exactly does that mean and how does it solve your needs?

What is Reverse Engineering?
Simply put, reverse engineering duplicates an existing part, without computer models or drawings. The process involves disassembling the part and examining it—capturing all of its physical and mechanical properties—then recreating it in its entirety. Through reverse engineering, the original use and capacities of the lifting equipment are determined and then quickly recreated.

What are the Benefits?
Of course, the chief benefit of reverse engineering is the replacement of a part, without any deviations. Through reverse engineering, upgrades can be made, and many problems can be solved. Additionally, reverse engineering can be done quickly, allowing for short lead times, and getting the part in your hands faster. It is efficient and cost-effective. In the end, you’re getting a custom piece of equipment in a streamlined way, with no worry of variations.

Hunter Lift’s Reverse Engineering Services
At Hunter Lift, we not only have extensive experience in design, building and repairing lifting equipment, but we’re experts on reverse engineering.

Through the process, our team of experts determines the exact characteristics of the part being replaced, and then recreates it flawlessly. We can also modify it for improvements, achieving higher capacities and greater operational efficiency. By performing and certifying designs and modifications in-house, the process is quick, and the part reaches you faster.

We know you need your lifting equipment, and you need it to be the best. We ensure that happens.

You can learn more about our reverse engineering services on our website, and feel free to contact us anytime with questions.