Hunter Lift: Bigger and Better in 2015

American manufacturing is continuing to come back in a major ways, with renewed interest and booming business. We’re very happy to say that at Hunter Lift, this is most definitely the case.

So what do you do when you have more and more business? You create more and more space, of course! We are currently in the final stages of a massive expansion due to a major increase in business, and we’re all very excited about it.

For one thing, the result of this expansion will be a significant increase in the size and scope of our equipment.

Bigger equipment means bigger facilities as well, so we’ve doubled our square footage in the process, expanding on our existing lot while improving our capabilities by a 50-ton capacity.

The end result of what’s projected to be a 12-week undertaking will be a multi-faceted enhancement of our business. Not only will we see increased sales as a result of this growth, but we will also increase our efficiency exponentially, which will mean reduced costs for our customers. In the end, the benefit will be more capacity, increased quality, and even more cost savings—a true win/win.


Of course, some things will remain the same. You can expect the same commitment to service and support you’ve come to rely on from us. You can also expect the same level of safety: our lifting equipment is and always has been designed with extreme safety in mind.

No matter what product you purchase, we remind you to exercise safety when using it and through regular, thorough examinations and inspections. Be sure to schedule and perform detailed examinations of all equipment and safety-critical parts, and identify and report any problems.

That said, we’re thrilled about our bigger facilities and new equipment; this holiday season has been especially happy for us, as we all feel like kids playing with our new toys!

We look forward to bringing you the improvements that will come from this expansion, and eagerly await a very successful New Year.