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CapabilitiesDesign Engineering and Manufacturing of Lifting DevicesCustom Mobile Crane
Repair, Rebuild, Recertification,
and Reverse Engineering of Lifting Equipment
Past Turnkey ProjectsDesign and Manufacturing of a Backup Roll Lifter for the Steel IndustryDesign and Manufacturing of an Inconel Coil Lift Beam for the Steel IndustryDesign and Manufacturing of a Motorized Drum Lifter for the Steel IndustryField Inspection of Lifting Devices for the Steel IndustryDesign and Manufacturing of Motorized Ring Tong for the Ring Forging IndustryDesign and Manufacturing of a hydraulic Sheet Lifter for the Metal Processing IndustryRepair of Straddle Carrier for the Heavy Steel IndustryRepair, Modification, and Certification of Double Grip Coil Tong for the Silicon Steel Industry
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About Hunter Lift, Ltd.

Truck Lifted Hydraulic Slab Tong
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Truck Lifted Hydraulic Slab Tong

At Hunter Lift we specialize in quality engineered and fabricated products for below the hook lifting devices and material handling solutions for all industries.

We comply with ASME B30.20 standards for below the hook lifting devices. Our certified welders, weld in accordance with ANSI/AWSD14.1.

Hunter Lift's complete BTH Equipment inspection program tracks all repairs associated with each device and is utilized to elimanate chronic or repetitive problems.

All new lifting devices are custom design/build projects. These include lifters, J-hooks, tongs, spreader beams, C-hooks and mobile lifters with power units.

Our expanded special projects and services allow us to further meet the requirements of our customers by providing engineering and manufacturing to meet the daily needs for operation and maintenance.

Hunter Lift is a single source provider for all your "below the hook" needs. Our experience and technical expertise helps ensure seamless project management and the proper interface of your equipment.

Our Culture

Hunter Lift, Ltd Headquarters  

Located in the beautiful foothills of Eastern Ohio, the small community of North Lima is home to Hunter Lift, Ltd and it is here that we've been producing some of the nation’s finest industrial lifters.

Our location in this rural community has allowed Hunter Lift to benefit from an agrarian work ethic. This ethic, steeped in quality, tradition, and dedication, exemplifies our values and is the driving force behind every product we manufacture.